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Welcome to my world. My name is Chris and I want to share with you about who I am, the goals I accomplished and what I still want to accomplish in life. Hopefully, you guys can take the time to read about me. I love to share with everybody about what has happened in my years of experience in life and the person that I have become today!

My Adventure and Still Going!

My name is Chris, I was born in Miami, Florida, I grew up in Little Havana and moved to a little place in Broward when I was 7 years old and stayed there for a long period. My father was born in Cuba and mother here straight on U. S soil in Tennessee. I have played hockey since I was 4 years old ( I know right, weird since I am in Florida), but that is the sport that drew me in. I have played video games and was interested in technology ever since I was able to pick up my first controller on the Sega Genesis.

Growing up was interesting enough, I made a ton of memories and many friends. I was always geek and nerd, but I also loved playing sports as well. I loved just watching my anime and cartoon shows, reading my graphic novels of my favorite super heroes, reading manga as well, and just reading my books. played A LOT of video games, on the computer and on consoles as well. My mother and father always hated that I loved video games and still they bought me my Nintendo 64 and PlayStation 1 which was great!. My mom and dad always needed help to connect WiFi routers, cable boxes, fixing the computers, knowing how to properly connect certain cables here and there. I always prided myself as a nerd and computer fixer upper, since my parents were not tech savvy at all at the time. You have a little middle schooler running around fixing stuff up. My little brother always kept calling my nerd, I just would look at him and smile! Growing up, I learned a lot about graphic cards, console engines, computer hardware and software, televisions, just by doing.

As growing up though, I did not know what I wanted to do as a career. In High School was very confusing, the prospect of choosing which job field to get into was just unknown to me. Maybe choosing a field in technology was the way to go, but I also wanted to help people as well. So I chose, Firefighting and Paramedic! Yes, very random choice but I chose it. Especially during that time, in the early 2000s, the world just experienced heavy loses in casualties throughout the world and especially on U. S Soil as well overseas. My passion to help others outgrew my hobbies and interests, and the field of Paramedicine (Paramedic) and Firefighting took huge interest to me. I was considering military at the time but I also wanted to stay close to home. I graduated from high school and took on the courses of EMT-Basic, Paramedic and went to Fire Academy. I graduated, received my Firefighter Certification and also received my Associate Degree in Emergency Medical Services.

During those years of training ( lot of weight training and studying), I was also at home a lot not only studying, but still was playing my games, fixing the computers, learning new technology and keeping up with the science never kept stopping me at all. I was going out with my friends a lot and still keeping true to my nerdy self. As I completed my training, I needed experience. So, I got jobs in EMT at an Ambulance company, Volunteer Firefighting, Ocean Rescue Lifeguarding, and Trauma Paramedic in the ER. During those years, it was difficult getting a job in the Fire Department. For those of you who live in Florida and share my training, know what I am talking about.

One thing happened though, I meet a girl who was Registered Nurse at one of the hospitals I used to work for. Now my wife, raising my children, happily married at the age of 27, I was still not in my field, I got a job finally after all my years (thanks to backing of my wife and never got me discouraged), as a Paramedic in a 911 system. Still working here at my current job, working alongside with the Firefighters and helping others can not get any better. I love running my calls and enjoying the field of medicine, but also I still remember my roots. Raising my children and staying involved with them, loving my wife, being a father and husband is the best thing in the world. I still though like I said, I still remember that nerdy side of myself and always will. I still want to accomplish much more, I want to travel the world, see life unfold and evolve, see my family grow, and keep pushing myself further into success!



What This Is All About!

My purpose of this website is to share with you, everybody, the gaming world and also the advancing world of technology. This a world that I have always loved and will always take an interest to. I am going to talk about the gaming world and how our opinions can change the shape of it.
Talking about events and experiences of what games we have played, upcoming flicks and movies as well, computer and console systems. Let’s check out a world that we all can relate to and we all can just have fun with! Let’s see the ever-changing world of gaming evolve and grow!

If you ever need to contact please do not hesitate!



Chris Brito


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